Protect your vehicle and your wallet from the unforeseen. Sometimes no matter what you do to prevent or deter vehicle theft, it can still happen. The LoJack Vehicle Recovery System allows police to track and recover your stolen vehicle using electronic transmission technology. Once a LoJack Vehicle Recovery System is installed in your vehicle, if it is ever stolen, one call to the police will put the LoJack system into action. As soon as your car is reported stolen and entered by the police in the national crime computer, your LoJack system can be activated, emitting a uniquely coded radio frequency signal to a network of police cars and aviation units. Police then use the LoJack tracking systems installed in their vehicles to track your vehicle, often recovering it within 24 hours. The LoJack Vehicle Recovery System is covert and has a 90-plus percent recovery rate for cars, trucks and SUVs. Your vehicle is possibly one of your most important possessions. Protect it with a Vehicle Recovery System.